The Wil-Do Way to GED Success

Wil-Do, Inc. is an educational development company devoted to the task of converting high school dropouts into successful GED accredited adults. Founder Wilfredo Reyes is an education entrepreneur bringing perspective, passion, and social impact to the under-served student. Wilfredo developed “The Wil-Do GED Video Tutorial” as a result of personal experience and the need of such a product.

Wil-Do was established by a team of educational entrepreneurs based in Hackensack, New Jersey who had seen enough of the rising rate of high school dropouts in the United States.

Determined to find a better, more natural way for people to learn, Wil-Do and its team of educators created a new approach to GED preparation.

The idea: to use video and interactive technology to make online GED courses more visual, more engaging, and more personal. Most important, it should teach strategies; giving people useful ways to look at questions and think about them– instead of memorizing formulas and repeating facts. Wil-Do believes that if given the right tools, students of all ages can unlock their natural intelligence, develop new thinking strategies, and learn to apply their talents to any challenge they may face.
In short, we believe you can do it. You can succeed  in getting your high school equivalency diploma!  That positive spirit is what the name “Wil-Do”is all about.