If, you have set your goals nobody, can stop you to achieve success. Getting what we want out of life doesn’t always come easy, and quite often we’re not even sure what it is exactly that we’re chasing in the first place.

Even if you exactly knows what you want, getting it can seem stressful or forgotten about completely. As, we all know setting goals is something. One reason for this is that while setting a goal seems fairly straightforward, actually achieving it isn’t always so.


It define the goals in a specific way i.e What, Why, and How. Which test are you going to attempt it matters. Test shows ability and knowledge of individual in specific subject. If, you want to get fabulous job. Firstly, you have to crack the exam.


Measurable goals are helpful for evaluating performance in any condition. Can measure when you will reach your target date. For this, required continued efforts to reach the goals.


It is a first step to create motivation and respectfully accept to goals. It depends upon two factors:
One is Commitment & other Self-efficacy. Accept your statements and anchor your goals in past experiences.


Do you have the ability to make your dreams come true? Evaluate yourself to be honest.
Example: When we’re children we believe that we can do anything. And, we certainly have a variety of options. As adults we learn that while we can have a lot, we can’t have it all at the same time.

Time Bound:

Having a set amount of time to complete the goals because goals need to have a time frame. Most, of the people spend a lot of time to decide that what they have to do. Need to take action immediately.

We are big in study skills. It’s what we do. We have to focus on goals that we have set if, we are cleared about the targets and goals no body can pull us down.

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