The GED-income Link
A High School Degree Increases Your Earning Power

On average, a person with a high school degree earns $9,200 more per year than someone who dropped out. And compared with college graduates, the difference adds up to nearly one million dollars over a lifetime.*

So why let opportunity pass you by? A nationwide survey of people who didn’t finish high school shows:

  • 74% wished they had stayed in school
  • 76% would re-enroll in a high school for people their age, if they could**

*Doland, E. (2001). Give yourself the gift of a degree. Employment Policy Foundation.

**Bridgeland, J., Dilulio, J. and Morrison, K., The Silent Epidemic, Perspectives of High School Dropouts: A report by Civic Enterprises in association with Peter D. Hart Research Associates for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 2006. (