There is More to Learning than Words

Wil-Do understands that people learn in many different ways. There are three primary methods of learning: visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Most people learn through a combination of these three methods, but each individual tends to favor one particular method over the others.

However, public schools and most GED test preparatory courses usually rely heavily on visual teaching modalities by making students read the material in order to learn it. For people who are primarily auditory or kinesthetic learners, this method is cumbersome at best and unsuccessful in many cases.

As a video-based program, “Breaking the Code” can make the difference between failure and success for students who prefer multiple methods of learning a subject to simply reading it. It still uses words, of course, because that’s what tests use. However, with its dynamic approach, “Breaking the Code” presents ideas and strategies in dramatic and engaging ways that invite students to think effectively and strategically.

Key Benefits:

  • Self-paced learning
  • Visual examples that help make ideas concrete
  • Easy-to-understand, conversational approach
  • Designed for building critical thinking skills
  • Teaches strategies, not memorization

Now you can see that “Breaking the Code” does more than give you the keys to the GED. It gives you critical thinking skills that will help you move on to higher educational opportunities, and the competitive edge you need, as you enter the workforce, go for a new job, or aim for a promotion at your current job.